“Exactly Like You”

"Exactly Like You" by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields ©1930

“Exactly Like You” is a song from the Broadway musical Lew Leslie’s International Revue with lyrics by Dorothy Fields and music by Jimmy McHugh. It was a popular hit in 1930 along with “On the Sunny Side of the Street”, another McHugh/Fields song from the show.  It became a jazz standard, recorded by a who’s who of singers and musicians.  It’s a sweetly sentimental song, expressing the feelings of a person who is content just to be with his beloved, someone who is a perfect match for him and makes him happier than various things that money could buy.

With a copyright date of 1930, it would have entered the Public Domain in 1987.  That still would have been a few years too late to benefit Paul Bartel, whose 1982 cult dark comedy Eating Raoul used the song over the opening credits, and had to pay royalties for the privilege.

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