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Despite what the official credits say, Batman was the creation of Bob Kane and Bill Finger.  Kane was assigned by his editor to come up with another character in the vein of their hit “Superman” hero, and with substantial input … Continue reading

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Captain America

Captain America was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, in the early years of World War 2, before the U.S. formally entered the war. The character is a study in irony.  His creators were Jewish, but Steve Rogers and his … Continue reading

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The comic strip known today as Popeye began in 1919 under the name Thimble Theatre. The character of Popeye wasn’t a member of the original cast, which included Olive Oyl, her brother Castor Oyl, and Olive’s boyfriend Ham Gravy; all … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse has arguably been the driving force behind the ongoing extension of copyright over the past 40 years. He was created in 1928, and it was the impending expiration of the Mickey Mouse copyright (among others) that prompted Disney … Continue reading

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Namor the Sub-Mariner

The Sub-Mariner – known to his friends as Prince Namor – is one of the first superheroes, and probably the first super anti-hero.  He was created by Bill Everett and introduced in 1939 by Timely Comics (the publisher now known … Continue reading

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Slam Bradley

Although none have been quite as popular as their character in the blue tights and red cape, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created other comic book characters too.  One was Slam Bradley, who debuted more than a year earlier.  He … Continue reading

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Little Orphan Annie

Little Orphan Annie is a classic comic strip, created by Harold Gray. Although commonly thought of today as a left-leaning product of the Great Depression era (especially since the Broadway musical adaptation, which reinterpreted it that way), it began during … Continue reading

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